What code is suupported on these forums?

A forum for discussing the applications and implementations of the DIY general code template for the GPIO and its 25 user inputs and outputs (+ serial & CAN). The code is 99% complete, the user just has to add their own conditional I/O logic and compile (with a free special Edition of CodeWarrior).
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What code is suupported on these forums?

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We have received a query about what code(s) and code topics are on-topic or off-topic on these forums.

To clarify, these forums are for B&G code. Modified code that is based on the B&G code (MShift and other future applications intended for the GPIO) essentially becomes B&G code under the terms of use. So people wanting to make modifications to the B&G code for use on the GPIO can discuss these modifications on the GPIO forums.

However, people who have independently written their own code for the GPIO, or who are publicly offering their modified code for the GPIO separately from the B&G releases must start their own forums and do their own support, etc. (under the long standing 'developers must support their own releases' principle of MegaSquirt).

Code not intended exclusively for the GPIO board from B&G is not supported here in any form (since this is the GPIO forum, of course).

This keeps the codes separate and organized, and helps users find support and solutions much more easily without confusing different variants.

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