Can the GPIO run variable cam phasing?

A forum for discussing the applications and implementations of the DIY general code template for the GPIO and its 25 user inputs and outputs (+ serial & CAN). The code is 99% complete, the user just has to add their own conditional I/O logic and compile (with a free special Edition of CodeWarrior).
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Re: Can the GPIO run variable cam phasing?

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Can the code provide variable index as well?

Yes. The PWM percentage is determined in real time from either a 1x12 PWM table with a single look-up index, or a 9x12 PWM table with two indices. The indices can be selected by the user from load, speed, RPM, temperature, current gear, MAP, or TPS. There is more on this here:

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Re: Can the GPIO run variable cam phasing?

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Calling all msgpio gurus and developers, please let us make close-up continuous variable valve timing on msgpio possible and capable...! :D
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